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Bosco e luce 


How does experience – the “already seen” – contribute to enabling change in private life or in business?

Experience cannot be limited to repeating behaviors or solutions, which proved effective in previous challenging situations; it is the explicit or implicit memory where we seek assistance in view of a new problem or situation. Our mind browses quickly – whether consciously or unconsciously – through all known options, which may help us process the data or explore the subject under consideration.

Experience gives us the comfort of not having to deal with questions already solved; thus experience plays a significant role in releasing fresh resources, to the benefit of a change process. Our automatic mechanisms take care of known problems while our creativity is set free to capture other signals and emotions emanating from our own internal world – as long as we adopt a true listening attitude. Those signals and emotions may indicate that we are close to a crucial decision and one more step can bring us to a break-through solution.

In this phase, experience can be creative: it helps recognize the limits of what is already known and creates the platform for a leap beyond it. We are then ready to build new links between what has already been experimented and what we perceive to be possible, effective and efficient as a new course of action.

Coaching is a powerful support for creativity and change processes, whether personal or professional – want to know more?


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