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Music is the most immediate and explicit form of harmony created and enjoyed by mankind. I love music. Indeed, I have been a supporter and, later on, president for a few years of a small musical association, Incontro sulla Tastiera, active for nearly four decades now, in the city of Vicenza.

Most humans try to discover some inner harmony with the help of music. Music accompanying an activity in progress, whether physical or mental, always generates an effect: relax, encouragement, emotion, energy; and maybe this happens because music is capable of resuming - independently from our own will - a universal language which we all possess in some unconscious spiritual dimension.

Here is a small selection of classic pieces which may be helpful in facilitating the preparation to a coaching session or to an important work event, by restoring self-confidence and energy; or unwinding after a challenging day or, in general, thinking over the events of life.



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