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Project leaders are in fact change agents. They are challenged to implement improvements or even breakthrough changes, through people they don’t manage – administratively. This is normal practice in today’s organizations: in an increasingly interconnected world, diverse and specific competencies are needed to generate synergy and success.

In most cases, the leaders do have the responsibility but no formal authority – at least not in a traditional hierarchical sense – to accomplish their goals through their teams. Therefore, getting the team members to complete their tasks within the project budget and deadlines requires constant encouragement, attention and control. Sometimes the project leader may even want to take direct execution responsibility on the activities: a time consuming and stressful way of meeting the objectives.

Well, there is a better one: instead of being systematically the "knight out front" leading the charge, the leader may decide – as needed – to utilize his or her active listening, powerful questioning and direct communication skills, in order to help create awareness of the full potential of each team member – treating him or her as a “partner”. For most partners, this is a sign of trust and respect from the leader.

It is a natural and effective way of building the leader’s credibility, beyond business knowledge and experience. This approach makes the whole process of action planning and progress monitoring much easier, in that it triggers the intrinsic energy of each team member. In “lean” terminology, this is equivalent to a “sensei” approach to leading.



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