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PM aprile 2015 


Welcome to my website! 

Whether you are here for a personal search or on behalf of your company, I am confident that you may gather some useful hints in order to invest in your own future.

What you may expect is probably more than getting away with a simple idea. You will get to know that there are ways to develop smart objectives for yourself or your organization; and you might become curious on what steps you might undertake to move towards success, in full awareness of your resources.


Paolo Marinovich, engineer, qualified coach, executive trainer and senior consultant.

After a long journey as a manager in various industries, thanks to the diversified background in operating and executive positions, I decided to continue working with individuals and businesses as a professional coach and executive consultant, specifically (though not exclusively) in the area of leadership development.


As a coach, I work in the areas of individual life coaching, individual business or executive coaching as well as team coaching with senior management teams, on strategic and operating topics.

In 2013 I qualified also as a Master Practitioner in NLP, neuro-linguistic programming.

I speak six languages; this helped me enhance the extent and the quality of my interactions with people of different cultures, in various environments. It has been an asset in my previous jobs and it continues to be of great value also in coaching and consultancy: I can work in English, Italian and French.

I am committed to living the present time with full intensity and I am open to all the gifts that the future may bring. I strive to find motivation and energy in all events of life where creativity and confidence can make the difference.


So... what are you doing to develop your own potential?



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