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ICF - International Coach Federation


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ICFInternational Coach Federation is the world’s largest professional coach association, with over 31,000 members in 140 countries in the world (April 2017) - 20,000 of which holding a credential.

The ICF coaches are committed to respecting the most stringent ethical standards in their behavior, reflecting a highly positive image of their profession; they respect the different approaches to coaching and recognize that they are also bound to the prevailing laws and regulations, in their operating environments.

I prepared myself to be a coach with an extensive and rigorous training, including personal research and supplementary courses. I work with the core competences recognized by ICF, according to the ICF Ethical Code.

Thanks to this background, I support individuals who are willing to undertake a change process for themselves, balancing their private and working life; or teams in charge of designing and implementing significant change processes, at various organizational levels.



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